Board of Directors

The 2017 TLC Board gathering at The Rockwood in Ely, MN

The 2017 Board of Directors, Tofte Lake Center at Norm's Fish Camp:

       Bernadette Christiansen
Vice President of Administration, The McKnight Foundation, Minneapolis, MN

Liz Engelman
Director, Tofte Lake Center

Sara Fenlason (Vice Chair)
Executive Director, the Ann Bancroft Foundation, MN

Mara Isaacs 
Founder and Executive/Creative Producer Octopus Theatricals, Princeton, NJ

Randy Reyes
Artistic Director, Mu Performing Arts, Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

Jennifer Tatsuda (Treasurer/Secretary)
Business Manager, Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis, MN

Keiko Williams (Chair)
Executive Director, Donald G. Gardner Humanities Trust, Ely, MN

Steve Woodring
Director and Fly Fisherman, Louisville, KY